Production Services

  • We offer full production services with Japanese/English bilingual staff ready to support international production teams wanting to film throughout North America and Japan.  Whether it is a feature film, corporate video, commercial, music video, documentary, news program, live sports coverage or variety show, we are here to assist you.

Electronic News Gathering (ENG)

  • We can set up an ENG crew in a short notice,  with our networks of freelance producers, camera operators, sound mixers as well as reporters (English or Japanese). We can arrange to shoot in most of the formats, from DSLR to HD CAM.

Licensing and Footage Research

  • We’ve been actively providing research services to the television and film industry.  We can help you find the footage you are looking for as well as obtaining necessary licenses or clearance.

Contents Localization 

  • We offer contents localization services. English to Japanese or Japanese to English translation can be done on various software formats as well as on motion pictures: voice-over dubs or subtitles. We also represent motion picture contents produced in Japan to be adopted at international markets.

Connecting People

  • Some jobs are not exactly our forte; in that case, we would do our best to refer you to someone who can get the job done.  Like what we call in Japan “En“…we cherish each encounter.  We have ties with PR teams of various industries, e.g., record labels, film studios, theaters, or the artists themselves, and we connect them with Japanese TV producers to create tie-ups; they receive free publicity and the station gets great contents. “En” makes it all happen.